Welcome to the sparc program and services network

Our Mission is simple: We work to keep people out of expensive institutional care.

We do this by adhering to a strong set of Values set inside a strong culture. Our Team is dedicated to our consumers and each other, and we have spent our careers custom designing Programs to meet our mission.

If you are interested in Employment, or if you would like to chat with us about bringing our services to your area, please contact;

Teri Herrmann, Vice President of Operations, at Therrmann@TheSparcNetwork.net

Programs & Services Offered

Intensive Case Management

Intensive case management services to support children and adolescents in the custody of Social Services

Transition Management Service

TMS is a rehabilitation service intended to increase and restore an individual’s ability to live successfully in the community by maintaining tenancy.

DSS Liaison

Resource and Referral services to Social Workers